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Crime briefs: Threats and bullies, the silent partner
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Threats and bullies

“I should have killed you last year in Spanish class while I had the chance.”

This is what father and Covington resident Johnny Mark Crowe said was told to his daughter by a male student at Indian Creek Middle School.

He contacted police on August 5 when he learned his 13-year-old daughter was again receiving harassing calls like these from the boy.

Crowe told police this had happened several times last year and was not informed by the school. Deputy Rowe, the middle school’s student resource officer, knows about the situation and made several reports of it last year. Some disciplinary action had been taken, as the male student in question had previously been suspended and removed from class.

Crowe does not know anything about the male student other than that the male has continued threatening his daughter again now that school has begun.

In his report, Officer James McGilvray said: “The complainant said he has not yet made contact with the principals, student resource officer or the Newton County Board of Education.”

The Silent Partner

Mr. Partee had no idea there was a silent partner involved in his restaurant business until a Mr. Homer Rainey began coming in over the past several weeks.

On August 4, Partee said Rainey called him to ask personal questions about the business. When Partee declined answers, Rainey told him he “would have to do what he has to do.”

It was 11 a.m. that day when Partee said Rainey came into the restaurant.

Partee and Rainey began discussing the new chef and his duties, and Partee stated he would need a background check on employees. That’s when Rainey began looking through his wallet. After looking through several I.D. cards, Rainey pulled out his concealed gun license and showed it to Partee.

“Mr. Partee stated that he feels that Mr. Rainey is bullying him around and not sure what he meant by showing him the concealed license permit,” wrote officer Kenneth Kent in his August 5 report.