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Crime Briefs: Teen stabbed in parking lot during fight
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A teen was reportedly stabbed after several fights broke out in the parking lot of Communication Workers-America early Monday morning.

Covington police arrived to the CWA building located on City Pond Road around 1 a.m. in response to a phone call about a fight happening.

Police said a number of people were running through the parking lot and "a large number of males" were fighting.

When more police officers reportedly arrived to the scene, the crowd began to run away.

Police said a deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office told them a stabbed teen had managed to escape to a nearby Shell gas station.

According to a police report, the teen had three stab wounds on his right lower torso and his right upper arm.

Police said the young man was alert and talking and told officers he didn't know the people who jumped him.

The teen's brother told officers he was in the area when the fights broke out at the CWA building, but he did not see his brother get beat up.

Police said EMS treated the teen for his injuries. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with his brother.

Police said they informed the teen's mother about what happened and where he was taken for treatment.

Couple gets into a fight over alcohol and a dog

An alleged argument about alcohol and a pet led to a woman getting hit by her husband on Monday morning. According to a Covington police report, the woman told officers her husband Alphonso Printup, came home after having beers at her dad's house and was "highly intoxicated." She told police that when she questioned Printup about having the beers, they began to argue. She said she went to bed after the argument and her husband soon followed her into the room. She said Printup did not want to go to sleep, but wanted to continue drinking and asked her to join him. The woman said Printup then motioned for their dog to get in the bed with them, but then yelled at the dog and told him to get down. She said she then asked him why he yelled at the dog and he became upset and started yelling, "You would rather have that dog in the bed more than me." She told police Printup then began making motions to hit her and he broke her cell phone when she tried to call police. Police described the woman as having "a black eye and a busted lip." Police said Printup left the area after the altercation. He is charged with simple battery and several other charges.

Man's car stolen from Dunkin Donuts parking lot

A man told Covington police that his car was stolen from the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts after parking it there for sale. Daniel Hicks told police he parked his burgundy four-door 2006 Chevrolet Impala in the parking lot with a for sale sign on Friday. He said he went back on Saturday to check on the vehicle and discovered it was missing. Hicks told police he asked employees at Dunkin' Donuts about the car, but no one saw any suspicious activity. Police said there was no sign of glass on the ground or any visible signs to show the car was taken by force. Police placed a BOLO out on the vehicle. The Georgia tag number on the vehicle is BVC 1199.

Thief steals equipment from Food Depot

A manager at the Food Depot located on U.S. Highway 278 told Covington police an unknown man with a white flat bed truck backed into the grocery store and took several items. The manager said he watched a video recording of a man loading eight to 10 wood pallets, 30 to 40 plastic bread trays and 30 to 40 plastic storage containers on the back of a truck on Friday around 4 a.m. The manager said the man then drove off with the items around 4:30 a.m. The cost of the items was unknown.

Man arrested for loitering and prowling

A Covington man was arrested for prowling on Friday. A woman told dispatch she noticed a man looking through her window. A NCSO deputy went to her home at Salem Glenn Way. She described the man to the deputy and told him the man ran away once she noticed him. The deputy found Nickolas Felder, who reportedly fit the description, in a car in the area. Felder is charged with loitering and prowling.

Man reportedly writes bogus check to fencing company

An employee with Bulldawg Fence Company said a customer wrote him a bad check.
The man told Covington police he built a fence on July 9 for William Carey. He said Carey wrote him a check for $1,020 after he finished installing the fence. The employee said when he tried to cash the check, it was returned because the account was closed. The man told police he has started proceedings for collecting the funds and would seek a warrant if he did not pay.

Man arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman

A woman said she was assaulted by a Covington man on Thursday. A NCSO deputy spoke with a woman who was sitting in her car on Ridge Point Drive. She told the deputy she was visiting her friend Omari Stennett, and he assaulted her. The woman reportedly had injuries on her arm. After talking with the woman, the deputy spoke to Stennett who told officers he did not know the woman. The deputy reported that Stennett was under the influence of alcohol and gave him false information. Stennett was arrested and taken to the Newton County Jail. He is charged with battery and giving a false name and information to police.

Two men arrested for stealing from Walmart

Two Covington men reportedly stole from the Walmart on Salem Road on Wednesday. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a call from an employee who caught Raleigh Anderson and Gary Williams taking items from the store. The men reportedly stole $52 worth of merchandise. Anderson and Williams are charged with theft by shoplifting.

Unknown person burglarizes car lot

Someone reportedly stole from Sellars Motors on Ga. Highway 162 on Wednesday night. A man told a NCSO deputy an unknown person came onto the property and went through six cars at the impound lot. According to the deputy's report, about $4,650 worth of items were stolen from the vehicles.