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Crime briefs: Teen pulls gun on mother
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A Newton County teen was arrested for aggravated assault after reportedly pulling what turned out to be a BB gun on his mother when she was attempting to punish him for not wanting to go to school.

Jevonterias Deandre Rogers was arrested Tuesday afternoon after his mother called Newton County Sheriff's deputies for help. According to reports, Rogers was upset at his mother because she had removed his door knob so he could not lock his room. When she returned home, she found that he had put the knob back on. When she told him to remove it he reportedly refused, so she decided to remove it herself.

The mother turned her back on him and when she turned around again, she was faced with what she thought was a .9 mm handgun and her son reportedly telling her to "Back off." She did and her son left the home.

When deputies arrived, they found Rogers where his mother said he would likely be. He had no weapon on him, but after speaking with his mother's boyfriend, he reportedly told deputies where to find the gun, which he had thrown in the woods.

Drunken guest causes issue at hotel
Officers from the Covington Police Department arrested Gregory McCormick Tuesday morning after he reportedly harassed another guest at a hotel on City Pond Road.

According to the victim, McCormick came to his room twice, banging and kicking the door and using profanity. He said the issue began the night before when McCormick accused him of "having an affair with his old lady."

The next morning, McCormick allegedly came to his room and when he refused to answer, began yelling, "I know you're in there. Come and let's take care of this!" After returning yet again, the victim called for law enforcement.

When officers spoke with McCormick they could reportedly smell alcohol on him. He denied anything happening between him and the other guest and then began arguing with that man in front of police, as well as the officers there. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

No hunting allowed
A Covington man was charged with criminal trespass and hunting over bait Saturday morning.

David Robert Owens was found by Covington police sitting at the end of Woodhaven Drive in a deer stand bow hunting. He had no permission from the property owner to be there and the property had ‘no trespassing' signs posted. Below the stand Owens was in, there was a pile of corn that he reportedly admitted was his.

Officers also found a second deer stand further onto the property, also with corn in front to lure deer. Owens allegedly admitted to owning that as well.

He reportedly admitted he had no permission to be on the property. He was cited and his hunter's license number was taken down.