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Crime Briefs: Students drinking on bus
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Three high school students were given citations after being caught with alcohol on the school bus Thursday afternoon.

The bus driver told deputies from the Newton Sheriff's Office that he was at the stop sign at Ram Drive and Crowell Road after picking students up to take them from Newton High School to the Career Academy (which is currently operating out of Alcovy High School). When he glanced in his rearview mirror, he told deputies he noticed three male students drinking from and passing around a metal container. He also said he could smell alcohol from his seat.

When deputies took the container, they found it contained a red liquid with an alcoholic smell to it. All three students were advised of the law and issued citations.

Intruders hold party in empty house
A man returned to his home after being away for months and found that someone had not only stolen some of his belongings but also had also apparently been staying there at times.

Deputies responded to a home on Claremont Drive and spoke with the homeowner who said he "found several weird things in his house." He showed deputies where there was a tennis ball on the counter with a name on it - the name of a person he didn't know, there was a bottle of fruit juice in the pantry, as well as a half-eaten birthday cake - neither of which belonged to him.

Missing were two cameras, but when the homeowner looked further he found a third camera. On it were pictures of the suspects - taken by them - none of which he was familiar with.

The incident is currently being investigated and the pictures were turned over to assist in the investigation.

Elementary school student brings knife on bus

No charges were filed, but an elementary school student and his mother were lectured after the child brought a knife to school to show a friend.

Deputies were called to Flint Hill Elementary School morning after an 8-year-old boy showed another student a knife on the bus. No one was ever threatened with the knife, and when administrators asked him about it, he readily admitted he had the knife.

He reportedly told deputies and administrators that he "wanted to show the knife off as it was in the shape of a Harley Davidson motorcycle."

Both he and his mother were advised of the severity of the incident but no charges were filed.

Woman smacked by man hiding in closet
A pregnant woman was smacked in the face by a man hiding in her closet Saturday morning.

When NCSO deputies arrived at the Bradley Street home and met with the victim, she told him that she and her 4-year-old daughter were lying on the couch watching television when her daughter said she saw something in backyard.

The 8-month-pregnant woman looked outside and thought she saw something white close to the house and next to the bedroom window. She walked into her bedroom and looked into the closet. As she opened the door a black male stepped out and slapped her in the face.

She fell onto the bed and attempted to grab the man, but he pulled away and started down the hall. She chased after him, and when she caught up with him, he pushed her down on the hardwood floor. She yelled for her daughter to call 911 as the man ran out the front door and got into his Ford LTD.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the NCSO at (678) 625-1400 or online at All tips can be given anonymously.