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Crime briefs: Student hit with cellphone
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Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office are working to identify a young female who reportedly threw a cellphone and injured a 10-year-old student while arguing with the student on a school bus.

NCSO Deputy Felicia Jefferson said a deputy responded to an assault call at a home on Rolling Ridge Court, where a woman said her 10-year-old son was involved in a verbal altercation with a female schoolmate on the school bus. Jefferson said the incident happened Wednesday as students were coming from Fairview Elementary School.

Jefferson said at some point, the woman’s 10-year-old son called the female a name and the female became upset and struck the 10-year-old with a cellphone. Jefferson said the victim suffered minor injuries.

A juvenile complaint could not be filed, as the victim did not know the name of the female student. Jefferson said the victim’s mother was told to follow up with a resource officer at the school.