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Crime Briefs: Sister arrested for threatening sibling with knife
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When Covington police responded to call about an assault, Shantrianna Thomas told the officer that she and her sister got into an argument over Shantrianna's cell phone.

Shantrianna said that her sister Chantiesha Thomas, wanted to take the phone to work with her, but Shantrianna said no.

The two pushed each other and Chantiesha went into the kitchen. She came back with a knife in her hand, making a slicing motion at Shantrianna.

Chantiesha then pressed the knife tip into Shantrianna's chest, leaving a small cut.

Chantiesha Thomas was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Man arrested for having fentanyl patch
When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of a suspicious call, the officer observed a male trying to flag down cars on Highway 142 near Hays Pond Road
When the officer began to approach the man identified as Bryan Curtis, he put his hands in the air and started walking towards the officer. He then put his hands back in his pockets.

The officer told Curtis to show his hands again and when Curtis did so, he pulled out a small pocket knife from his pocket. The officer told Curtis to drop the knife and he put it back in his pocket.

The officer told Curtis to place his hands on the hood of the patrol car. The officer retrieved the pocket knife from his front right pocket.

The officer then asked to search Curtis and he conceded. When the officer searched Curtis' left pocket and found a fentanyl patch.

Curtis told the officer that the patch was his wife's and it was for her diabetes. Fentanyl is a narcotic used for pain. When Curtis told the officer that he did not have a prescription for the patch, Curtis was arrested for possession of a Schedule II drug.

Man arrested for "moment of stupidity"
When a Newton County officer arrived at the Walmart on Salem Road. In response to shoplifting, the asset prevention manager told the officer that Henry McElroy put merchandise in his pockets and attempted to leave without paying for them.

When the officer asked McElroy what happened, he said that he had a "moment of stupidity" and decided to try to steal the items.

McElroy tried to take 16 packages of cards for the card game "Magic the Gathering." The cards totaled $77.66.

Suspects enter home and threaten woman
When a Newton County officer talked with a woman in reference to threats, she said that two suspects had entered into her residence.

When they approached her, they grabbed her throat and threatened her stating that she was done when they caught her alone.

Run-away tire damages house
Shante Cooper was in her home when she heard a loud noise outside. When she went outside to check it out, one of her window shutters was lying on the ground and a garage window was broken. Beneath the items was a wheel and tire.

Her neighbor had been working on a vehicle when the wheel and tire rolled off the side of the vehicle and rolled down hill without him noticing.

Man says someone entered into house while he was in jail
When a Newton County officer responded to a call of a possible burglary, Randy Lamberth said that he returned to the home from Missouri after receiving word that his wife had been arrested. When he came back, he was arrested and while he was in jail someone had been inside the home.

Lamberth believed this because he found three puppies in the back yard, a beer can in the living room and a pornographic movie in the bedroom. However, nothing was missing.

In the report, the officer wrote, "It is unknown how anyone could stay inside the home for any substantial amount of time because it appeared dogs had been let in the home for at least a couple of weeks based on the amount of feces on the floors and breathtaking odor of urine."