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Crime Briefs: Minor gets harrassing calls
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A father contacted local law enforcement Wednesday after his daughter received several harassing calls from an unknown man.

The father told police the unknown man said he knew everything about his child, and he claimed to go to First Baptist of Conyers. He also told police the man has contacted other juvenile acquaintances in the area, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy advised the father to notify the church and also encourage the parents of the other children to file a report.

Threatening message at NHS
Newton High School principal called the Sheriff's Office Tuesday to report a threatening message written on a restroom wall.

The message was discovered by a student who reported it to the principal. Deputies do not know who wrote the message at this time and it was removed by a custodian, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Drunk man refuses to get off phone
A man was arrested and charged with DUI Monday night after he refused field sobriety tests and then would not get off his cell phone.

A Sheriff's Office deputy responded to an accident off of Spring Lake Terrace and found an overturned vehicle with the driver outside of the vehicle.

After speaking with the driver, the officer concluded the man had been drinking. The officer asked the man if he drank earlier and the man told the officer no, according to the Sheriff's Office incident report.

After refusing sobriety tests and not getting off his phone, the officer arrested the man and called EMS to the location of the accident. The man refused EMS assistance and preferred to go to the hospital.

After receiving treatment from the hospital, he was transported to the Newton County Jail and charged with DUI/alcohol/less safe and obstruction of officers.

Stolen electronics
A home off of North Sterling Lake Drive was burglarized Tuesday after children in the home left for school.

The children told Covington police someone had taken their TV, computer, Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, according to the police report.

The report also said there was no forced entry, and the 11-year-old juvenile told police she let her father inside the home and left him there before she went to school.

The total amount of theft is approximately $3,549.

Personal documents and savings taken from storage unit
A Monroe woman arrived at her storage unit Wednesday to find the unit with a different lock and $30,000 stolen.

According to a report from the Sheriff's Office, the woman arrived at the storage unit to find a different lock than her own and contacted the owner to cut the lock off for her. She told law enforcement she had three residential safes, one tan and two black, containing her home deed, life insurance policy and $30,000 that were missing.

She also told authorities that she had not been to the unit in a little over a month and the owner told her the storage units had had several break-ins recently.

When asked if her sister, the renter of the unit, had been to the unit recently, she told the officer her sister had not been to the storage unit in a couple of months.

The sister told officers she was at the unit last week and nothing was missing.