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Crime Briefs: Juvenile runs away
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A juvenile is reported to the Newton Juvenile Courts for being unruly and running away on Monday.

The juvenile's mother told police that on Saturday, her son allegedly left the apartment and she did not hear from him until the next day. She then reported that her son allegedly sent her a text message informing her that he was in Greensboro. When she told her son she wanted him home, he said he would return home and notify her when he was back in town.

The mother then stated that when she tried to communicate with her son again by calling the cell phone she received the text message from, she allegedly could not contact him.

On Monday, the juvenile was able to be reached and allegedly stated he was on his way home. The juvenile allegedly returned home on Tuesday and was taken by his mother to have a leg monitor put on him.

Couple walks out on their check
A couple, identified as being in their early 20s, walked out on their check at the local Longhorn.

The manager Terry Tallow, of Longhorn on Pavilion Way, and their server Sandra Hoke, spoke with police stating the couple had purchased food and drinks totaling $85.42. Hoke stated the couple gave no indication they were going to leave without paying. Hoke said saw the couple allegedly stand up and walk away after their received their bill. Hoke casually followed them as they went to the door and outside.

Hoke said the couple allegedly parked their silver Honda Accord in the back corner of the parking lot. She allegedly called out to them and when they noticed they were being followed, they ran to their vehicle and drove away.

Hoke stated the couple allegedly left out of the back of the parking lot and made a right heading east on Old Atlanta Highway toward West Street.

Police were able to trace the tag number to a registered owner in DeKalb county.

The couple is described as a young, white couple both in their 20's. The male was described as being approximately between 6'0'' and 6'1'' feet, 170-180 pounds, wearing a gray tank top shirt with a printed design on it and shorts. The female was described as being between approximately 5'3'' and 5'5'', with short blonde hair and wearing a light blue shirt and shorts.

Hoke told police she did ID the couple since they both ordered alcoholic beverages but she only looked at their dates of birth to verify their legal drinking age. She could not remember those dates or their names.

Man attempts to cash a stranger's counterfeit check
A man is arrested for forgery after attempting to cash a check from another man who approached him in Little Five Points.

The suspect Roger Dale Barton Jr. stated a man named Joe allegedly approached him in Little Five Points and asked him to cash a check. Barton said he agreed to cash the check and was driven to Wells Fargo by Joe, who dropped Barton off and was allegedly waiting across the street at Walmart.

Police spoke to the person whom supposedly issued the check, and the person told police she did not issue the check police were trying to verify.

Barton was then taken to the Newton County Jail.