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Crime briefs for June 17
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A disgruntled customer allegedly threatened a Raceway attendant with a pink Taser on Wednesday evening after being asked for his ID.

The victim Morgan Natasha Cleveland, told police a heavy set white male, later identified as Matthew Zoltan Linka, entered the gas station to purchase a pack of cigarettes. Cleveland said when she asked Linka for his ID, he allegedly became upset, used explicit language and a racial slur and left the store.

Linka returned to the store and reportedly walked in front of two customers waiting in line and presented his ID. Cleveland told Linka that she refused to sell him cigarettes and asked him to leave the store.

Linka allegedly began to use explicit language and argued with Cleveland while he exited the store. Cleveland followed Linka.

Linka allegedly got into a Toyota Camry with a Domino's Pizza sign on top. Cleveland stated that Linka threatened her with a pink Taser. Cleveland said she then backed away from the car.

After police confirmed Cleveland's story with a witness, an officer made contact with Linka at Domino's Pizza located on Access Road. Linka allegedly told law enforcement he had become angry with Cleveland because he was in a hurry. Linka then confirmed he had allegedly taken out a pink stun gun and he pulled the trigger twice, causing it to make a noise.

Linka was detained and transported to the Newton County LEC where he was issued a citation for Disorderly Conduct.

Video game console destroyed by unknown person
An unidentified person allegedly threw a Microsoft Xbox-360 out of a woman's bedroom window causing a window to shatter.

The complainant Susan Aldridge, reported the incident on Monday evening. Aldridge told police she did not see who threw the item. Aldridge reported the window would cost approximately $300 to repair.

There are no suspects at this time.

Harassment during community service
A woman reports being harassed by a man while doing community service at Repairers of the Breach.

On Tuesday, Sequoia Sims reported that Quintan Reaves, who was also doing community service, allegedly harassed and threatened to punch her.

Sims stated Reaves' probation officer advised her to make a report.

Unidentified person sets fire then disappeared
Kaylin George stated that while sitting outside on Nixon Circle, she allegedly observed someone set the rear door of a residence on Johnson Drive on fire.

George also reported the person allegedly came back at least three times to restart the fire but then disappeared. George could not accurately describe the person because she said it was hard to see due to the glare of the fire.

When the officers arrived at Johnson Drive it was evident that the bottom of the rear door was burnt at the bottom. The door was also allegedly hot to touch. Law enforcement then proceeded to have everyone exit the residence.

Upon entrance, there was allegedly a stronger smell of gasoline, but there were not any flames.

The victim Shawn Williams, was then asked if anyone was mad at her. Williams said law enforcement officers had been dispatched earlier because she was arguing with her boyfriend, Phillip Hudson, because she allegedly did not want to do sexual things with him.

Law enforcement officials reported they looked for Hudson around the area.