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Crime briefs: Child found crying alone
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Covington police spoke with a woman who said she found a young girl crying for her mom on Thursday morning. According to a report from the Covington Police Department, the woman said she was pumping gas at the Shell service station just before 7 a.m., when she heard a voice crying for her "mommy." She said she looked around to see where the voice was coming from, and she saw the 2-year-old child across the street at the Super 8 Motel with her hands up in the air crying near the main highway.

The woman told police she dropped everything and ran across the street to the child and took her to the front desk of the Super 8 Motel lobby to call the police. Police asked the desk clerk if she remembered the child or her guardians, and the clerk took police to the room the family was in and found the door opened. Police found the child's father and another child asleep. When police woke up the father, the child's mother arrived to the room. The mother told police she went to the store to pick up a gallon of milk and left the children with their father asleep.

She said her daughter knew how to open doors. Police said the mother became very upset knowing her daughter was alone on the street. Both parents told police they would never let anything like that happen again. Police turned the case over to the Department of Family and Children Services.

Woman arrested for disorderly conduct after refusing to secure her pit bull

A Covington police officer responded to a call at Advanced Auto Parts on U.S. Highway 278 Thursday morning in reference to a woman locking herself in the bathroom. Police said they found Jan Spann standing outside of the building looking through her backpacks with a pit bull laying next to her around 11 a.m.

As the officer pulled up to Spann, he asked her to tie up her pit bull. Spann told the officer to "hold on" and continued to look through her bags. The officer said he was unsure if Spann had any weapons in her bags and he asked her to tie the dog up again. Spann told the officer to call someone she knew named Morgan at the county. The officer said he then stepped out of his patrol car and asked Spann to come to where he was standing and told her he would "act accordingly" if the dog attempted to attack him.

Spann reportedly became very angry and told the officer "you will not hurt my dog" and started reaching for bags near her. The police officer then arrested Spann and called Animal Control to pick up the dog. Spann was taken to the Newton County Jail. She was given a six-day reclaim notice for her dog.

Man arrested for shoplifting after reportedly stealing from a liquor store

Covington police were dispatched to Hester's Package Store on Washington Street in reference to shoplifting. An employee with the store advised the police that a man ran away carrying a red shirt and a bottle of E&J Brandy.

As a police approached the store, he noticed Justin Green with a red shirt in his hand on the south side of Washington Street step off the sidewalk and onto the grass. The police officer said he got out of his patrol car, pulled out his Taser and asked Green to lie on the ground.

The officer said after repeating his command, Green bent down, placed the liquor bottle wrapped in the red shirt in a drain and laid flat on the ground. The officer handcuffed Green and took him back to the Hester's Package Store. The employee identified Green as the man who took the liquor from the store. The bottle of liquor was returned to the store.

Woman arrested for shoplifting at Walmart

An employee caught a woman walking out of the store with $53.14 of stolen merchandise from the Walmart on Industrial Boulevard on Wednesday night. Covington police said the employee saw Chasity Hyatt put merchandise inside of her handbag.

The employee said Hyatt then tried to exit the store. The employee approached Hyatt and recovered all of the items. Hyatt was arrested and taken to the Newton County Jail.