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Crime Briefs - Aug. 19
Man damages girlfriends car after breakup
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Covington police responded to a criminal damage to property call on Friday around 12:30 a.m. at Cecilia Street. Police spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend Anthony Hubert bust the windows out of her white 1998 Chevrolet Suburban.

The woman said she broke up with Hubert a week ago and he would not stop coming over to her house. She said her son had a male friend at her house and Hubert came over drunk and started banging on the door. The woman said she answered the door and Hubert asked her to come outside and to talk and smoke marijuana with him. She said she told Hubert no and that she was going to bed.

Hubert reportedly became angry when he saw her son's friend in the house and he asked her to come outside the house again. The woman said she told Hubert to go away and she went to lay down in the bed. She said her daughter then told her that Hubert was busting the windows out of her vehicle with a block of wood and cursing at her. According to the report, Hubert ran away toward the back yard.

The police officer said he noticed a large block of wood and shattered glass on the ground. He said the passenger side of the front windshield and all three passenger side windows were knocked out completely. Pictures were taken of the damage to the vehicle. Police were called two more times by the woman who said that Hubert came back to her house, looked through her window and threatened to kill her. Police searched the area but were unable to find Hubert.

Man arrested for criminal trespass of swimming pool
A man was charged with disorderly conduct on Thursday after he and a woman refused to leave a swimming pool. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to criminal trespass call at Greenway Drive at the swimming pool of the Ellington subdivision.
An employee told police Perrish Johnson and a woman refused to leave the pool after being asked to leave. The employee said he took a lunch break and locked the gate to the pool area and when he returned, Johnson and the woman were back at the pool. The man said the pair had to jump the fence to get back to the area. According to the report, a deputy asked Johnson how they got back into the pool area and Johnson said he wasn't going to answer the question. The deputy said he asked Johnson and the woman to leave the property and Johnson became angry and started using profanity. The deputy said Johnson and the woman walked to the parking lot and stood there.

The deputy said he asked Johnson and woman to leave again and Johnson said he would stand in the road and he and the woman walked to the roadway. The deputy said he approached Johnson and asked him to leave again and Johnson began to run in place. The deputy then put Johnson in handcuffs. He was taken to the Newton County Jail. The deputy said during the ride Johnson told him he was wasting his time and that the charge would be expunged.

Woman calls police after being threatened by a juvenile
A Covington police officer was dispatched to Carr Circle in reference to a group of males outside trying to fight residents on Thursday. When the officer arrived, he spoke with a woman who said about 20 males came to her house to play basketball with her sons.
The woman said she told the group to "keep it moving" and they would not be allowed to play basketball. The woman said a few of the males in the group tried to get her sons to come up the street with them but her sons would not go. She said one of the juveniles was her daughter's baby's father. She said she told him he didn't need to be in the street trying to fight people but instead be in the house taking care of his baby.

The woman said she and the juvenile began to argue and he grabbed his waist band and said "I've got something for you." The woman said she could see the handle of a black gun sticking out of the top of his pants.

The woman said she told the juvenile his mother would be at a funeral and told him she would call the police. She said the juvenile then ran away. Police were unable to locate the male and are still investigating the case.