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Crime Briefs
Shoplifting duo act up at buffet
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the Hong Kong King restaurant after a couple who went there for an afternoon meal ate more food than they paid for.

According to reports, the manager of the restaurant called authorities about a customer who took a bottled drink from the cooler and walked out of the restaurant without paying for it.

When officers arrived they noticed 20-year-old Jeffrey George standing in front of the restaurant. When asked if he was the one who had called he reportedly told officers that he was not but that he was the reason they were called to the restaurant in the first place.

George allegedly told officers that he had lunch with his girlfriend, 23-year-old Sierra Anderson, at the restaurant and that an employee had been “fussing with him” about the bill and items that had been consumed by the two.

Officers then spoke with the manager who reportedly told them that George had stolen a drink from the drink box and had poured it in front of the doors and that he and Anderson had consumed food items they did not pay for.

The manager allegedly said that Anderson purchased a $3.95 plate, which is not the buffet, and that George purchased the buffet and both ordered water. George later reportedly had their waitress bring them a tea and a soft drink, for which he had to pay extra. Georgia also reportedly continued to get food from the buffet not only for him but for Anderson as well, which caused the manager to ask the couple to leave.

Before they left they asked for to-go cups for their drinks but instead of pouring their drinks into them they reportedly filled them with ice cream. They were once again asked to leave and both started to “get loud and act up.” As they went to leave George allegedly grabbed a drink from the drink cooler and left they store with it, pouring it on the ground outside the restaurant.

The officers went outside of the restaurant and spoke once more to George. They told him he would need to pay for the drink he took from the cooler or be arrested for shoplifting and George reportedly told the officers that they would have to arrest him because he was not going to pay for the drink.

Officers began to place George’s hands behind his back to arrest him and after one handcuff was placed on his wrist he allegedly pulled away and began to swing wildly.

Anderson then allegedly came running and jumped between the officer and George as the two fell against a wall. George was reportedly told to put his hands behind his back or the officer would use the Taser on him. George allegedly began yelling for someone to video the incident and Anderson reportedly continued to interfere with the attempted arrest.

An officer finally used the Taser on George and he fell to the ground, according to reports, but continued to resist arrest. A man came out of the restaurant and attempted to assist the officer while Anderson continued to attempt to interfere. Other officers had to detain her and George had the Taser used on him once more before an arrest could be made.

The couple was arrested and both George and Anderson were charged with disorderly conduct. George was additionally charged with shoplifting.