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Crime: A Good Samaritan gets beaten
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A woman attempting to help out a stranded pedestrian instead was beaten on Dec. 23.

The victim told deputies of the Newton County Sheriff's Office that she had been driving east on Flat Shoals Road around 8:15 p.m. when she saw a black car stopped at a stop sign at Stephens Road and a white female waving her down.

She described the female as heavyset with a blonde ponytail, glasses and a black hoodie. The woman reportedly told the victim that she was out of gas and her kids were with her and cold. When the victim inquired if they should leave the children behind, the woman allegedly told her that her husband would stay with them and they would be fine. The victim told deputies she never saw children or an adult male.

While driving toward Henderson's gas station, the victim said the woman reached over and pulled the keys from the ignition of the car and started hitting her. She said she opened the door and pushed the woman from her vehicle. Deputies noted scratches on the right side of the victim's face and made a report of the incident.

Who goes there?
Officers from the Covington police responded to a home on Swanee Lane after the homeowner called to report a burglary in progress.

When they arrived, the homeowner was reportedly standing in his doorway with a shotgun. Officers put the shotgun in the trunk of a patrol car for safekeeping while they spoke with the man who told them, according to reports, that he heard someone in his attic and that his neighbors were crawling across the attic trying "to steal stuff."

He allegedly told officers that he cut the slug out of a .12 gauge shotgun shell and fired the cut out shell into the attic which made a hole in the ceiling of the residence. The shotgun was taken from the man and placed at the police station for safekeeping until Thursday.

Letting go
A woman called police to report that her ex-boyfriend had threatened her and her new boyfriend Friday afternoon.

The woman reportedly told police that her ex-boyfriend Ricardo Martin, became angry with her when he saw her with another man and told her, "You got to know that I'm the only man for you... I got GPS on you. I can find you anywhere," then snatched her purse from her and threw it into the street.

She also told police that Martin had grabbed her current boyfriend, punched him in the face and said "You're dead. I got a gun. I'll kill you."

The couple requested a report for safety's sake and were advised of the warrant procedure.