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CPD unveils new software participation
Submit crimes anonymously through free Smart Phone app
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The Covington Police Department is going one step further to combat crime in local neighborhoods by using a free app available on smart phones that will deliver tips to officers in real time while allowing tipsters to remain completely anonymous.

 “If you see a crime happening you can use this app and send the information, even a picture, and we can create a dialogue between us and the person using the software completely anonymously,” said Public Information Officer Captain Ken Malcom.

 Developed by TipSoft, the app is called Tipsubmit Mobile application and allows officers to “have more eyes in the community.”

 Malcom said the CPD is embracing technology and that this app will allow them to collect more information from a public who is oftentimes hesitant to get involved for fear of retribution since it is completely anonymous.

 “Not only will that be able to eliminate their fears of being identified, it also adds a sense of convenience,” said Malcom. “So many people text now; this is just a way of texting us and letting us know something is going on.”

 He urged users to not allow this to take the place of 911 for serious crimes or when they need assistance immediately, and to not “run up in the middle of a drug deal and snap pictures,” but to use common sense and to help police clean up their neighborhoods of unwanted crime.