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CPD arrests two parties for drug use in hotels
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to America’s Best Value Inn around 1:40 a.m. Wednesday morning, where the manager reportedly told them the two men who rented room 209 had multiple people inside, violating their verbal contract with him.

Officers headed to the room and prior to knocking on the door reportedly noticed a strong smell of burnt marijuana coming from inside the room. After knocking on the door and announcing themselves, a man opened the door and immediately a large cloud of what reportedly smelled like marijuana smoke flowed out of the room, according to reports.

The man allegedly told officers they could come into the room and they explained to him why they had been called out. According to reports, two other men were visible in the room when officers entered. When asked if there were more inside, the men reportedly admitted that there were two females hiding in the bathroom shower — meaning there were five people in a room where only two were supposed to be.

The man who opened the door was identified as 18-year-old Martec Anquinn Barkley, the two other men were identified as 20-year-old Joseph Anthony Lee and 20-year-old Alante Monrico Donnell. The two women who had been hiding in the bathroom were identified as 20-year-old Iris Lizeth Lopez and 19-year-old Laura Leticia Torres.

When asked why there were five people in the room when they knew only two were supposed to be inside, none of them answered, according to reports, although they did allegedly admit to knowing they were not permitted to be inside. The room was registered to Barkley and he allegedly told officers that some friends had dropped by to "hang out."

When the individuals were questioned about the smoke and the "overwhelming" smell of marijuana inside the room, they reportedly all admitted to smoking it but none would claim ownership, according to reports. When asked where the drugs were located Lee allegedly lifted the covers to one of the beds and handed the officer two plastic bags which continued a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. A blunt roach was also located in a nightstand ash tray, according to reports.

Since all admitted smoking but none wanted to take ownership of the drugs, all five were arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Later that day, officers were called to the Super 8 Motel after an employee reported there were several people in a room that were not supposed to be there.

The officers were directed to room 214 and after knocking, made contact with the man who opened the door. When asked whose name the room was registered in, a woman inside the room, identified as Mary Bilbery, allegedly told them it was in her name and reportedly allowed the officers to come inside to speak with her.

Bilberry reportedly told officers that she had been staying in the room for four days and that she paid cash daily for her room. She also allegedly told the officers that she had nothing illegal in the room.

There were two men in the room with her as well, according to reports, and they reportedly consented to a search of their person to check for contraband or weapons. After they were cleared they were asked to sit outside while officers once again spoke with Bilbery.

She allegedly gave officers consent to search the room and they did a cursory search to make sure there were no weapons. When they came to Bilbery’s purse she reportedly told them she took medication for pain (Xanax and Hydrocodone), but instead of two bottles officers reportedly found seven prescription bottles inside her purse. She initially told officers they belonged to her but only two of the pill bottles had her name on them, according to reports.

The Hydracodone — which had been filled two days prior for 120 pills — reportedly had only 40 pills left in the bottle and the Xanax — which had been filled two days prior as well — had only half the amount of medication left in the bottle. When asked where all of the pills went Bilbery allegedly replied "I don’t know."

The other five bottles she reportedly told officers belonged to her sister and friends and she was just "holding them" for those people. Two bottles had Hydracodone and the rest were for Xanax, and consisted of 12, 18, 40, 91 and 100 pills, all of which had been filled in the last five days, according to reports.

Bilbery was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with possession of schedule III and IV controlled substance.