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Covington woman shoplifts with children
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A Covington woman was arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $2,000 worth of items from a retail store with the assistance of her two juvenile sons.

Caroline Guillaume, 31, is being charged with felony shoplifting and two counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

Her sons, aged 13 and 11, had juvenile citations written up for felony shoplifting. Their case is with the juvenile court.

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, Conyers Police arrived at Kohl's, 16230 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, to respond to the shoplifting claim.

A large pile of clothes was recovered from the suspect's SUV in the cargo area behind the rear seat. More clothes and shoes were found on the floor of the loss prevention office, where Guillaume and her sons were being held, when the officer arrived.

The suspect also allegedly took two purses and filled one with various small items from Kohl's and the other purse with multiple bottles of perfume.

The two juveniles were found to be concealing items underneath their clothing, including multiple shirts and shorts.

"Burke advised that one of the children had already been to the vehicle and dumped a load of stolen merchandise in the vehicle, then returned and loaded back up to leave again," the officer wrote in the report.

Kohl's Loss Prevention Officer Adrian Burke calculated the exact total value of the items taken to be $1,980.99, with nearly $800 being consumable goods. Guillaume admitted to shoplifting but disputed the dollar amount of the stolen items.

The suspect claims that she "had no idea" that her children were shoplifting items as well, but surveillance video in the store allegedly proved otherwise.

"Later when watching the video, it was apparent that she knew and was coordinating the shoplifting with (her son)," the officer wrote in the report.

Guillaume was arrested and transported to the Rockdale County Jail. Her sons were released to their father, who wasn't at the scene during the shoplifting incident.