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Covington through the camera: Ann Wildmon
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Editor’s note: We’re kicking off a new photo series today, courtesy of our photographer about town, Darrell Everidge. He’ll be taking photos of local people wherever he finds them, at the park, in shops or strolling through their neighborhoods. His goal is to capture all the slices of life that make up Covington. So if you see him around, wave and chat him up for a minute.
If you have an idea for a good photo, whether it’s an event, an interesting person or a beautiful local scene, send us an email to and we’ll do our best to capture it on camera.
The first entry in our series is local painter Ann Wildmon, who was showing off her craft late last week at the Southern Heartland Art Gallery, where several of her other paintings are on display.

As I walked out of the rain and into the Southern Heartland Art Gallery on the square, I was greeted by friendly voices and smiling faces. I was amazed at the beautiful art that decorated the walls, from stately photographs of the historical courthouse to playful paintings of children and wild animals.

This space was filled with happy expressions and peaceful poses of people, wildlife, lighthouses and majestic landscapes.
And here I met Ann Wildmon, an artist who has called Newton County home for more than 20 years.

Wildmon is a freelance artist whose passion for art can be felt in every color filled canvas displayed on her wall. She has received many awards for her talent in TV, motion pictures and the theater. Her style is best described as classical realism.

Wildmon told us the story behind the “Pink Flamingo” hanging on the wall behind her.

“It happened one day as I envisioned a flamingo and a frog,” Wildmon said. Once the painting was complete, she noticed how it resembled the letter “F” and that’s when she had the idea to pair all the animals and with the appropriate letters of the alphabet. Wildmon laughed and told me that is where the idea for her new book entitled “I See You” was born. The book is filled with pictures of animals looking at other animals, each representing a letter of the alphabet. She said this is a way for children to see, read and learn at the same time. Wildmon hopes to have the book completed and ready for sale by early December.

In the meantime, I encourage you to come by and visit with her and the other talented artists and view all the truly amazing works of art at The Art Gallery in downtown Covington.