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Covington-Man stabs woman with knife
COVINGTON-Woman Stabbed By Man With Knife
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A man was arrested for aggravated assault after stabbing someone who was reportedly late to pick him up Saturday.

According to reports the victim said she arrived at a house on Bede Drive where she was supposed to pick up Raymond Adams. The victim told Covington Police Adams came by the house “very upset and angry because they were late to give him a ride.”

The victim said Adams yelled and cursed at her and her friend, threatening to kill both of them. According to reports Adams then attacked the victim, punching her in the chest and arms with a closed fist and then cut her on the arm with a knife.

The victim told CPD she called 911 for help and chased Adams out of the house with a broom.

Officer searched for Adams, recovered a knife, arrested him and charged with aggravated assault.