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Covington man killed in robbery faced many previous charges
Allegedly tried to rob Ingles shopper
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An alleged would-be robber shot and killed on Saturday in a grocery store parking lot had rotated in and out of Rockdale County jail for nearly a decade on charges ranging from simple battery to posession and selling of drugs.

Yuhanna Williams, 30, of Covington was booked into the jail at least eight times since August 2001 when he was 21. Some of the charges he faced were disorderly conduct, simple battery, probation violation, public indecency, DUI, and possession of marijuana and posession with the intent to distribute at a school.  

 He and another man, who is still at large, reportedly attempted to rob a 23-year-old Georgia Tech student at knifepoint shortly before 8 p.m.

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office report, a deputy reporting for a security job at Ingles on Salem Road called dispatchers after he drove into the parking lot after the shooting and saw Williams on the ground with blood around his head.

"Williams had very labored breathing," wrote the deputy. "I rolled him to his side and he had a knife in his hand. When I rolled him the knife was pushed away from his body."

The shopper was standing to the side on his cell phone with a gun in his holster. He said to the deputy, "This guy tried to rob me and I shot him." He reportedly cooperated as the deputy took his weapon and placed the shopper into custody.

Emergency medical personnel then arrived and saw a large wound in the suspect's head. "The coroner was immediately contacted because there were no signs of life," wrote the deputy. The deputy coroner arrived around 8:30 p.m. and declared Williams dead.

The victim had a firearms license and had a gun with him, according to a friend. No charges have been filed against the student.

According to the friend, who came to pick up the victim's car after investigators were finished with the crime scene analysis, the victim had come to the store to get some orange juice after finishing his last exam for the semester. 

He was approached by two men in what appeared to be an attempted car-jacking. A struggle ensued, and the student was cut about the arms and chin before the shooting.