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Court Sentencings - May 22
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Robert D. Perry, burglary, 10 years probation, 5 years confinement, $1,000. Possession of cocaine, 20 years probation concurrent, $1,000. Possession of tools for the commission of a crime, 5 years confinement, concurrent. Stay away order.

Anica Freeman, violation of probation, continued on probation with modification, fines converted to community service, pay fees monthly.

Alvin P. Crutchfield, violation of probation, 180-240 days detention center.

Thomas J. Johnson, misdemeanor theft of services, 12 months probation, 45 days Newton County Jail, $500. $388.75 to Bartow Cab Company.

Rashad Williams, burglary, 10 years probation, 180-240 days detention center, $1,000, stay away order, pay restitution.

Ardest D. Bryant, violation of probation, review in 60 days.

Jerry David Ervin Jr., violation of probation, 10 months and 18 days in Newton County Jail, released early on placement in rehab program.

Christopher A. Livingston, violation of probation, 90-150 days detention center.

Marquis L. Kelly, entering an auto, 5 years probation, 90 days in Newton County Jail, stay away order.

Carrie A. Snead, violation of probation, revoke balance, suspended on completing community service.

Ayanna B. McCall, entering an auto, 5 years probation, 90 days Newton County Jail, $500. Theft by taking, 12 months probation concurrent, $500. Continuing counseling screening and treatment.

James D. Harmon, first degree forgery, 5 years probation, $1,000.

Merlin L. Maddox, violation of probation, continue on probation, pay monthly fine.

Kenneth K. Malcom, felonly criminal attempt to commit robbery, 10 years probation, 5 years confinement, $1,000. Violation of probation, revoke 5 years concurrent.

Robert W. Smith, felony obstruction of officer, 5 years probation, 3 years confinement, $1,000. Felony obstruction of officer, 5 years probation consecutive, $1,000.

Deandre Huff, abandonment, 12 months confinement. Abandonment, 12 months confinement.

Demetrius Randolph Jr., violation of probation, revoke 8 months, 3 days.