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Court Sentencings - May 18
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Bobby Joe Fowler, first degree forgery, 10 years probation, 180-240 days detention center, $1,000.


Christopher Crawford, possession of cocaine, Nolle Pross. Possession of Schedule I drug, Nolle Pross. Possession of marijuana, 12 months probation, 30 days in Newton County Jail.

Lorenza J. Henderson, simple battery, 12 months probation, $500. Criminal trespass, 12 months probation concurrent, $500.

Travis E. Hamilton, dog fighting, Nolle Pross. Cruelty to animals Nolle prosse. Misdemeanor gambling, 12 months probation, $500.

Joy Elizabeth Fessler, misdemeanor speeding, 12 months probation, $500.

Regina L. Gallon, violation of probation, revoke 180-204 days to detention center.

James R. Ingram III, violation of probation, 305-365 detention center. Theft by taking, 10 years probation, 305-365 days detention center. Entering an auto, 5 years probation consecutive.

James R. Ingram, simple battery, 12 months confinement, suspended on entering detention center. Criminal trespass, 12 months confinement, suspended upon entering detention center.

Clayton D. Wheakley, violation of probation, 240 to 300 days detention center.

Chester Ray Thacker, violation of probation, 180-240 days detention center.

Gregory K. Shaw, violation of probation, balance revoked to prison.

Randell P. Lackey, violation of probation, 90 days Newton County Jail.

Michael Brown, violation of probation, revoked to Intensive Probation with frequent drug tests.

Michael Brown, possession of marijuana, 12 months probation, $1,000. Driving without license, 12 months probation consecutive, $500. Failure to wear seat belt, $15.

Kenneth D. Radcliffe, violation of probation, 120 days Newton County Jail.

Darrell W. Cheek, felony obstruction, 5 years probation, 180 - 240 days detention center, $1,000. Felony obstruction, not guilty. DUI, 12 months probation, 180 days in Newton County Jail, $1,000.

James Bishop Glynn, violation of probation, balance revoked to prison. Theft by receiving stolen property, 10 years probation, four years confinement, $1,000. Possession of firearm by convicted felon, 4 years confinement. Criminal attempt to commit felony, 5 years, $1,000. Criminal trespass, 12 months confinement. Stay away order.

Bernard Gibson, violation of probation, 240-300 days in detention center. Theft by taking misdemeanor, 12 months probation, 180 days Newton County Jail, $500.

Robert G. Kelly, violation of probation, 5 years revoked.

Christopher Reaves, felony burglary, 10 years probation, 7 years confinement, $1,000.

Donnie C. Smith, felony sale of marijuana, 10 years confinement. Felony sale of marijuana, 10 years probation consecutive. Felony Sale of marijuana, 10 years probation consecutive, $1,000. Possession with intent to distribute marijuana felony, 10 years concurrent, $1,000.

John R. Smith, felony theft by taking. 10 years probation, 2 years confinement, $1,000.
Daryl Gregory Haley, violation of probation, continue on probation, par arrearages.