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Couple arrested for fighting in parking lot
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An irate couple was arrested Wednesday morning after fighting with the police who came to break up their fight in a CVS parking lot.

Officers were sent to the store after a witness called 911 and told the dispatch operator that the male, later identified as 22-year-old Kendrick Cortez Brinson, had pushed the female and hit her in the face.

When officers arrived they saw that Brinson and the female, later identified as 20-year-old Jasman Creshay Loyal, were standing at the stop sign at Wheat Street and Loyal was yelling at Brinson as she walked back toward the store. While officers watched, Brinson ran towards Loyal and grabbed her by the throat and began shaking her. Officers exited their patrol car and yelled for Brinson to let Loyal go. Brinson was detained by one officer, while the other officer spoke with Loyal.

According to reports Brinson was immediately “argumentative” as was Loyal, who began cursing at the officers. Both were placed in the patrol car and arrested for disorderly conduct. They were transported to the Newton County Detention Center where they remain as of press time.