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Couple arrested, facing marijuana trafficking charges
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A couple were arrested Thursday after agents with the Special Investigation Unit found 23 pounds of marijuana that had allegedly been shipped to a home on River Walk Farms Parkway from Arizona.

According to Lt. Phillip Bradford, SIU received a call from the postal service Wednesday telling them that a parcel was heading to Covington from Arizona and that based on a message sent with the package they believed that it contained marijuana.

The package was intercepted Thursday morning and a K-9 officer was brought in to inspect it. When the dog alerted on it, agents with the SIU had probable cause to open the package which was found to contain 17 pounds of marijuana. Undercover agents then went to the home and delivered the package. They knocked on the door, but it went unanswered. The package was left on the doorstep and agents began surveillance for about two hours on the home.

During that time, a young black male, later identified as 23-year-old Rickey Mosley, made several trips around the house "heat checking" — checking for law enforcement - before stopping at the home and taking the package inside. Roughly 20 minutes later, Mosley again left the home.

Patrol cars and undercover vehicles allowed him only to get as far as the entrance of the subdivision before blocking him in. He attempted to escape with his vehicle but was unable to do so. In the process of trying he reportedly struck an agent and knocked him to the ground. The agent was uninjured. Mosley then allegedly exited the vehicle and ran. Officers and agents from the SIU gave chase and after a brief foot chase, a Taser was used on Mosley and he was taken into custody.

According to Bradford agents could smell a strong odor of raw marijuana from outside of the car. A search of the vehicle found the block of marijuana had been opened and was inside a trash bag. The street value of that amount of marijuana is approximately $34,000.

While some agents were dealing with Mosley others kept up surveillance on the home and just minutes after Mosley left another package was delivered which contained a nearly six-pound block of marijuana, bringing the total amount to about 23 pounds of marijuana with a street value of approximately $46,000.

A search warrant was issued for the home and inside agents located Mosley’s girlfriend 22-year-old Antoinette Brown and another female. In her bathroom they reportedly located evidence that proved the marijuana packages had been there. They also found in plain view a loaded .40 caliber handgun which was reported stolen in Dunwoody.

Mosley has an Atlanta address and Brown recently moved to the area, though Bradford was unsure where she moved from. He is originally from the Virgin Islands and she is from Jamaica.

Both were charged with trafficking in marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and theft by receiving. Mosley was additionally charged with felony obstruction.