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Couple argues in Waffle House; man has to be tased back in hotel
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Waffle House where a woman reportedly told them her boyfriend had hit her so hard that he had splattered blood all over their room at America’s Best Value Inn.

When officers arrived they found the woman who allegedly told them that she and Stanley Hillman had gotten into a fight earlier, and that after hitting her and splattering blood all over the walls of their hotel room and on her clothes, they decided to come to Waffle House where they continued their fight. At some point Hillman realized that law enforcement had been called to the location and he left and went back to their room, the woman reportedly said.

Officers went to the room in question but were unable to locate Hillman. They did, however, notice all the "blood" that the woman had told them splattered when she was hit. The officers found that "blood" to be ketchup which appeared to have come from a platter of food that was scattered around the floor of the room.

The women allegedly told officers that Hillman had thrown the plate of food at her earlier before they went to Waffle House. Officers noted that the room had trash, food and clothing strewn all over the floor and said it was "in great disorder."

The woman had swelling or red marks on her face where she had alleged Hillman struck her. Witnesses at Waffle House reportedly stated they did not see Hillman strike her but heard screaming between the two of them. Although officers continued to try, they were unable to locate Hillman. The manager of the hotel deactivated his key and gave the woman another one and she was instructed to stay in her room and call 911 if Hillman came back. The officers then left.

They weren’t gone long. Within an hour a call came into 911 from the hotel manager who allegedly said the woman had called down to the front desk and had whispered "help me please, he’s back."

When officers arrived they found that the woman had allowed Hillman back into the room and she was standing on the balcony yelling "he’s in here!" When officers reached the room on the second floor, they saw the door to the room open and Hillman reportedly laying on the bed.

Hillman noticed the officers and allegedly became belligerent and began yelling and swearing at the officers, reportedly saying he didn’t know why they were there. Officers told Hillman to get up and speak with them and he allegedly began screaming once again and cussing at the officers.

At that point, according to reports, the officers uncovered Hillman and instructed him to calm down and get out of the bed. He was undressed and started to get his clothing on, officers indicate in their report, but continued to cuss and scream while doing so.

Officers attempted to handcuff Hillman but he reportedly snatched his arm away. Officers forced Hillman to the bed face down in order to gain control and he allegedly continued to fight them. Eventually he had to be stunned with the officer’s Taser, which caused him to become more compliant, according to reports.

Hillman was then transferred to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with disorderly conduct.