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Cloverleaf 4-Hers win big
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Here’s a riddle for you: “What has 500 poster boards, 444 feet, and lots of butterflies?”

That would be 222 North Georgia 4-H’ers at District Project Achievement with just a little nervousness, as they compete in the public speaking competition.

Northwest-Northeast Georgia 4-H Cloverleaf District Project Achievement took place at Newton High School, and 51 local 4-H members in fourth through sixth grades competed for top honors.

Newton was recognized with the next to highest participation, and an increase from last year. Countywide, 637 youth researched, wrote and presented 4-6 minute illustrated demonstrations and had the opportunity to compete at county and district level competitions.

The largest demonstration categories were sports, history, dog care, general recreation, general science, arts, health, wildlife and workforce and career preparation.

One 4-H’er said later that the only thing he would change was to require a new project every two months. I’m not sure every kid would agree, but I’m excited to hear he enjoyed learning so much he’d do it again and again.

Many 4-H’ers said the most important thing they learned was “Don’t give up, no matter what.”

Others reported learning to speak loudly or how to make a good poster, but most of all they reported having fun.

And that, in the end, tells me we succeeded again this year, 113 years after 4-H got its start right here in Newton County.

If you know a rising fourth through sixth grader who would like to compete next year, we’d be happy to help get them started over the summer.

Newton 4-H’ers placing in the competition are listed here:

Archaeology 4th: Harley Tarpley, Ms. Sheets (Heard-Mixon).

Arts 4th (tie): Amori DeRouen, Ms. Almand (East Newton). Rai'Jene White, Ms. Holmes (East Newton).

Bicycle 1st: D'Morris Neblett, Ms. Horton (Heard-Mixon). 3rd: Derek LeBlanc, Ms. Dowdy (Oak Hill).

Cat Care 1st: Robin Underwood, ICMS. 3rd: Miranda Leslie, Ms. Barron (Rocky Plains). 4th: Stephany Juarez, Ms. Sorrell (Fairview).

Communications 2nd: Jared Smith, (Newton County Theme School).

Companion Animal Science 2nd: Nathaniel Stafford, Ms. Linton (Rocky Plains).

Computer Information Technology 4th: Maynard Jackson, Ms. Benton (Oak Hill).

Crafts 4th: Annie Mask, Ms. Ivie (East Newton).

Dairy & Milk Science 1st: Tripp Marks, Ms. Ivie (East Newton). 2nd: Cheyenne Taylor, Ms. Sheets (Heard-Mixon).

Dog Care and Training 1st: Grace Bishop, (Newton County Theme School). 4th (tie): Alasia Lewis, Ms. Benton (Oak Hill)

and Valery Ayala, Ms. Barron (Rocky Plains).

Entomology 1st: Anslee Boss, Ms. Young (East Newton).

Environmental Science 3rd: Eli Caid, Ms. Dowdy (Oak Hill).

Forest Resources & Wood Science 1st: Anslee Allen, (Newton County Theme School).

Fresh Water Fish & Shellfish 1st: Aley Batson, Ms. Fulmer (Flint Hill).

General Recreation 2nd: Allison Trantham, Ms. LaSure (Oak Hill). 4th: Bennett Buckley, Ms. Benton (Oak Hill).

General Science 1st: Jaimoni Parker, Ms. Sorrell (Fairview). 3rd: Jocelyn Kilgore, Ms. LaSure (Oak Hill). 4th: Evan Lin, Ms.

Dowdy (Oak Hill).

Health 2nd: Natalie Henderson, Mr. Harper (Oak Hill). 3rd: Morgan Johnson, Ms. Sheets (Heard-Mixon). 4th: Emma Johnson, Mr. Harper (Oak Hill).

Herpetology 2nd: Jayden Slaughter, Ms. Dowdy (Oak Hill).

History 4th (tie): Charity Newman, Ms. Horton (Heard-Mixon), Jasmine Character, Ms. Reece (Oak Hill) and Thurston Page, Ms. LaSure (Oak Hill).

Housing, Equipment & Environment 3rd: Ava Schluete, (Newton County Theme School).

Marine & Coastal Ecology 3rd: Diana Arvizu, Ms. Dowdy (Oak Hill).

Outdoor Recreation 1st: Emma Barron, Ms. Barron (Rocky Plains).

Paleontology 1st: Slade Yale, Ms. Horton (Heard-Mixon).

Performing Arts General 1st: Mikiah Graves, (Newton County Theme School). 2nd: Syz'e Odum, (NEWTON COUNTY THEME SCHOOL).

Performing Arts Vocal 2nd: Rhin Eubanks, Ms. Almand (East Newton).

Poultry & Egg Science 1st: Alice Fowler, (Newton County Theme School).

Science of Engineering & Mechanics 4th (tie): Jasmine Dozier, Mr. Harper (Oak Hill) and Noah Horne, Ms. Benton (Oak Hill).

Sports 2nd: Victoria Kite, Ms. Watterson (Heard-Mixon). 3rd: Priest McCoy, Ms. Dowdy (Oak Hill).

Target Sports 2nd: Andrea Silvera-Ortiz, Ms. Hamby (Oak Hill).

Time & Money Management 1st: Rodgis Ponder, Ms. Benton (Oak Hill).

Wildlife 2nd: Taylor Horton, Ms. Watterson (Heard-Mixon). 4th: Tayten Christensen, Ms. Sheets (Heard-Mixon).

Workforce Preparation & Career Development 3rd: Sarai Baker, (Newton County Theme School). 4th: Betty Eagan, Ms. Almand (East Newton).

Terri Fullerton is a County Extension Agent in 4-H Youth with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.