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Porterdale revokes liquor license
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Porterdale council members decided to revoke three liquor licenses from Porterdale Bar and Grill for its failure to file distilled spirits excise tax returns in the amount of $1,650 and failure to pay just over $500 in excise taxes.

The council voted 4-0 on the measure at a called city council meeting Thursday night after listening to an alcohol license hearing for Lindsay Crawford, the owner, CEO and CFO of Porterdale Bar and Grill. Councilman Tim Savage was not present during the meeting.

Crawford, a Covington resident, did not attend the hearing or council meeting. Mayor Arline Chapman and councilman Mike Harper agreed that the owner had no interest in paying the city due to her absence from the hearing.

"No one has come from the Porterdale Bar to show interest in this or defend the charges," Chapman said.

"It's obvious that she doesn't care," Harper said.

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