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Policeman reprimanded for council fraternization
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Porterdale Police Sgt. Jason Cripps has been verbally reprimanded for fraternizing with city council members and presenting an unprofessional image.

The allegations were filed by former Porterdale solicitor Qader Baig.

Allegations against Cripps included that he had been inappropriately fraternizing with council members, had consumed alcohol at a public event and then responded to an auto incident in his patrol car and that he had mishandled Porterdale's K-9 unit.

City Manager Bob Thomson started the initial investigation of the allegations, but it was eventually turned over to Police Chief Geoff Jacobs.

Jacobs determined the supposed fraternization did not stem from desire for personal gain. He also found that the blood alcohol content Cripps would have had was "negligible," and that allegations against Cripps' use of the K-9 unit were unsubstantiated.

Jacobs did, however, agree that the fact he showed up to an accident scene after drinking was a "terrible perception" of the law enforcement agency.