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Depot leased for summer library
Library currently seeking book donations
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Children in Porterdale who need a good book or two to read during the summer will have an opportunity to do so in 2011.

The city council recently approved the temporary use of the Porterdale Depot for a free-lending library geared toward children during the summer. Councilwoman Arlene Chapman, who is heading the project, has placed bins at Porterdale City Hall and The Southern Heartland Gallery on the square for people to donate used and new children's books.

"It’s been shown in various studies that children who read over the summer are better prepared to move to next grade," Chapman said. "There isn’t a library that’s close-by for children to utilize; this way, children will be able to walk down to the Depot and pick out what they want and bring it back the next week."

Chapman hopes to gather enough donated books through the winter to provide enough reading material for children in summer 2011. She plans to open the library to the public right after the school year ends. Children will be able to stop by from 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday. Chapman also intends to have story readings and some surprise activities for children who participate. 

"This is a very simple idea, where people can come by every Saturday and get a book or two," said Chapman. "The whole point is to get books in the hands of children. No child will be turned away from this. There are no costs, no check-ins, just an honor system for borrowing and returning."

If the project proves to be a success, she anticipates a permanent location for a library in Porterdale in the near future.