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Turner Lake Road to close for roundabout construction
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Correction: The original article incorrectly stated that the cost to replace the electrical infrastructure was approximately $23,000. This is the cost to replace the gas infrastructure. On May 28, Covington Transportation Manager Billy Skinner sent an e-mail estimating the electrical infrastructure cost to be $48,650.
Turner Lake Road will be closed June 9 for up to six months for construction of the long-awaited roundabout project, according to a Georgia Department of Transportation press release.
The official detour will use Washington Street/Ga. Highway 81, West Street and Clark Street. The detour will be signed and advance warning signs and barricades will be located at intersections prior to the closure.
Portions of Turner Lake Road will remain accessible from Ga. Highway 81 up to Brown Bridge Road and from Old Clark Street to U.S. Highway 278.
Turner Lake Complex will still be able to be accessed from its main entrance if drivers drive straight into the complex from Clark Street. Drivers will also be able to the use the entrance-only road just south of the K-Mart shopping center.
Old Clark Street will remain open so drivers will be able to use that to access Turner Lake Road and Clark Street.
Once construction is completed Old Clark Street will be closed. However, the one home on the street will still be able to access Clark Street, but drivers will not be able to drive on Old Clark Street from Turner Lake Road.
The roundabout will have a radius of about 75 feet from its center to its outside. Special truck aprons will be installed to allow tractor trailers to drive over them if they can’t completely make the turn into the roundabout.
Jje Constructors is the contractor for the project, which was let through GDOT. Federal stimulus money will pay for the entire $775,622.42 of work from Jje.
The city will be responsible for digging up and moving sewer, water, gas and electricity infrastructure. City Transportation Manager Billy Skinner said the cost to move sewer lines would be $17,615 and the cost to move gas infrastructure would be around $23,000. He
had no estimates for electrical or water infrastructure as of early Thursday afternoon.
City officials have said previously the roundabout is being constructed because many accidents have taken place at the Turner Lake Road and Clark Street intersection. Roundabouts are viewed favorably by GDOT.