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Traffic stop yields drug arrest
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 An erratic driver caught the attention of an officer with the Covington Police Department Sunday night after nearly hitting another vehicle on Alcovy Road, and ended up being arrested for possession of various drugs.  At around 9:23 p.m. an officer was behind the vehicle and noticed the driver, later identified as 46-year-old Susan Mote, reportedly turned her vehicle in front of another, nearly causing a collision. After that she allegedly made a U-turn in the middle of the roadway which is when the officer activated his emergency equipment and pulled Mote over.

 While speaking with her the officer reportedly noticed that her speech was slurred and her motor skills were extremely delayed. When asked for her driver’s license she allegedly fumbled through her pocket for several minutes before being able to produce it.

 Mote stepped out of her vehicle at the officer’s request right around the same time that dispatch informed the officer that she was driving on a work permit. She reportedly told the officer that she was working; she was selling stained glass which was why she was out driving in the first place. When asked for permission to search her vehicle, Mote reportedly did not hesitate to allow the officer to do so.

 After speaking with Mote the officer then turned his attentions to 41-year-old passenger Randall Summerford. After running his license it was found that it was suspended for various drug offenses. When asked where the duo was coming from Summerford reportedly told the officer that they had just left a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

 When asked about Mote’s claim that she had been working selling stained glass, Summerford allegedly had no knowledge of that. He exited the vehicle without hesitation when informed that Mote had given the officer permission to search it.

 While searching the vehicle the officer reportedly located four different types of controlled substances inside. Underneath the passenger seat where Summerford had been sitting the officer allegedly located a rolled up ball of aluminum foil which had a burnt substance inside believed to be marijuana, as well as a bit of green leafy substance that fit the description of marijuana as well.

 During the search the officer also allegedly located 28 oval-shaped orange tablets in the rear pocket of the passenger seat and one blue tablet and one white tablet. The orange pills were in a plastic bag and the others were reportedly sitting inside a camera case.

 When asked, Mote allegedly told the officer that the orange pills were Adderall and the blue and white pills were Hydrocodone. She was unable to provide a prescription for the pills nor did she claim ownership for them.

 While the car was searched prior to taking the suspects to the Newton County Detention Center, the officer allegedly located some blue tablets inside a black valve on Summerford’s key chain which were later identified as Zoloft.

 Both were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce, possession of a Schedule II drug and not having a prescription drug in the original container. Mote was additionally charged with making an illegal U-turn.