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Man stabbed with fork, woman attacks boyfriend with knife
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 Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to a call Wednesday afternoon to a man stabbed on Morris Drive.

 When they arrived they reportedly noticed a black male standing in the road in front of a home, bleeding from a stab wound to his upper left shoulder. When asked who had done that to him he allegedly nodded toward a woman, later identified as 50-year-old Jo Anne Jeff, who was reportedly standing in the doorway of a residence and allegedly told the officers that she was the one who had stabbed him.

 Officers approached Jeff and asked her what happened, and she reportedly told them that she hadn’t done anything. She then changed her mind and allegedly told the officers that she had stabbed the man with a fork.

 During their conversation with Jeff, officers reportedly noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from her and she spoke with a slur and was unsteady on her feet. She allegedly gave various scenarios as to what happened to provoke the fork stabbing. The victim reportedly told officers that "everything was going to be OK." and that he wasn’t going to press charges.

 According to witnesses who were inside the residence at the time of the stabbing Jeff and the victim were reportedly having an argument and when the victim came toward Jeff she stabbed him with the fork.

 Although the victim didn’t wish to press charges, the CPD did and transported Jeff to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with disorderly conduct. The victim was transported to Newton Medical Center and then from there to Grady Hospital.

Domestic dispute

 A man was stabbed in the early hours of Tuesday morning after an argument over past relationships escalated to violence.

 According to reports, an officer from the CPD responded to a home on Central Avenue and found that other officers had already arrived and were detaining 28-year-old Jennifer Leigh Wheeler. Roughly 10-feet away in the yard of the residence officers located a kitchen knife with an orange handle lying in the grass.

The victim was reportedly standing on the front porch of the residence. Officer’s note that he appeared intoxicated and had blood on his lips and a scratch on his arm. When asked what happened he allegedly told officers that he had been drinking with Wheeler who was his girlfriend and other friends at the house and that an argument ensured when something came up in conversation about his past history with another female.

He reportedly told officers that his girlfriend became very angry and began yelling at him. She also began threatening and hitting him, according to reports. Wheeler allegedly grabbed his bottom lip hard enough to make it bleed. Reports indicate that his lip was still bleeding while he spoke with the officer.

The victim allegedly told officers that he restrained Wheeler until she calmed down and then he left the residence and began walking down the street. It was at this time, he reportedly told officers, that Wheeler came running out of the home with a knife in her hand threatening to use it on him.

He allegedly sought refuge in the home of two friends who live on the street but he reportedly told officers that Wheeler came into that home with the knife and threatened him again, allegedly saying that she would use the knife.

According to reports the victim told officers that he ran out of that residence as well and that by then officers had arrived. Witnesses reportedly verified his statement, saying that Wheeler threatened to "cut" her boyfriend and that when she was informed that police had been called she reportedly ran out of the house.

When speaking with Wheeler, she allegedly told officers that she was tired of all her boyfriend’s "crap" and that she had had enough. She also reportedly said that she would not have cut him with the knife.

Wheeler was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with Family Violence Act battery and terroristic threats and acts.