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Man arrested after dragging woman by the hair across parking lot
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Officers were called to a hotel on Ga. Highway 142 on Feb. 11 in reference to a suspicious person, and when they arrived, they reportedly found a man dragging a woman across the ground.

According to reports, officers from the Covington Police Department saw 34-year-old Wilfred V. Arnold dragging the woman across the ground and could hear the woman telling him to stop as they exited their patrol cars. The officers began giving him commands to stop as well and to let the woman go.

As officers approached Arnold, he allegedly looked at them and began to run away. While running after Arnold, the officers were continuously giving him commands to stop — commands which he ignored. Officers eventually caught up with him and took him to the ground, placing handcuffs on him before escorting him back to the hotel.

Once they were at the hotel, officers began to search Arnold and reportedly found $1,538 in cash in his wallet. The money was removed and Arnold was placed in a patrol car while officers went to speak to the woman he was attacking, according to reports.

While speaking with Arnold’s victim, she reportedly told the officers that the two had been arguing since earlier in the evening about her being unfaithful to him and that he thought she was a prostitute. She allegedly told the officers that when he went to the rest room, she ran out of their hotel room but Arnold began to chase her.

According to reports, the woman told officers that she began to scream as loudly as she could in the hopes that someone would hear her and come to her aid because Arnold had been "talking about strange things" and she felt as though he may try to hurt her. She also allegedly told the officers that Arnold grabbed her by the hair and face and began pulling her in an attempt to get her back into their hotel room. Officers stated in their report that they did notice scratches on the woman’s face and neck.

The woman mentioned to officers that she had recently received her income tax return and Arnold should have a large amount of cash on him. They were reportedly going to use the money to purchase items for their children as well as put money on "money cards" for them to use at a later time.

The currency found on Arnold was then turned over to the woman, along with an Arizona food stamp card and social security cards. Officers spoke to the woman about local resources, such as a shelter, but she reportedly told them her brother-in-law lived in the area and they were keeping her children. She said that she would stay with him until she could arrange transportation to a relative’s house out-of-state.

Arnold was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act and obstruction of an officer.