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Jovial drunk asks officer permission to pass gas
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 A woman driving a vehicle with her 9-year-old daughter inside was arrested Friday evening for DUI.

 Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the Wendy’s restaurant on U.S. Highway 278 to assist in a private property accident where one of the people involved was believed to be intoxicated. When officers arrived they were directed to a woman standing beside a gold Toyota pickup truck.

 The woman, identified as 47-year-old Brenda Lee Rogers, allegedly reeked of alcohol when officers began speaking with her and officers noted she had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, was a bit unsteady on her feet and was "quite jovial."

 When asked if she had been drinking, Rogers reportedly told the officers she had two drinks while dining at a Mexican restaurant. The officers requested that she perform sobriety tests and Rogers allegedly agreed to do so.

 During the "nine step walk and turn" test Rogers was asked to stand heel to toe and her hands at her sides while the officer gave her instructions. Rogers allegedly began laughing and told the officer that she "had to step over by the dumpster because she had to fart."

 Once Rogers returned from handling her business, officers resumed the test explanation. She reportedly attempted to perform the heel-to-toe test, but continued to lose her balance on the several attempts she made. Rogers then simply stood there, according to reports, and watched the officer demonstrate the test. Once she attempted it on her own she allegedly missed heel to toe on several steps and failed to count. She also reportedly used her hands for balance. Rogers reportedly blamed arthritic knees on her inability to correctly perform the test. When attempting to touch her finger to her nose Rogers allegedly made a "wide sweeping attempt with her right finger" to touch the tip of her nose and reportedly missed her nose altogether.

 After being arrested and having her child turned over to a relative, Rogers was transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Her breath test registered her alcohol level at .173 – the legal limit in the state of Georgia is anything over .08.

 Rogers was charged with DUI, child endangerment while DUI and following too closely.