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Covington City Council approved CID
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The Covington City council unanimously approved (5-0, with councilman Keith Dalton being out sick) to sign a resolution for the Highway 278 Community Improvement District.

The CID will now bring a similar motion in front of the Newton County Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening.
Signed resolutions with the city council and county BOC are needed before it can go in front of the Georgia General Assembly in late January, early February.

Fire monitoring and alarm systems coming

The city will replace fire alarm and systems in city hall and Fire Stations 1 and 2, along with installing a system at the Conyers Street gym.

The winning bid was the lowest at $36,930 with Intake System Incorporated.

According to City Manager Leigh Ann Knight, the two lowest bidders were the only ones to do a walk through at the proposed sights. The bid, includes monitoring at city hall, at a cost of $250 annually.


The City of Covington will receive a reimbursement of $260,000 from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The city council approved, 5-0, the reimbursement of funds for obstruction removal and installation of fuel farm at the Covington Municipal Airport Tuesday.

The city paid $274,000, but the contract stated a reimbursement of 90 percent of the funds.

Concrete maintenance

During a September work session, the Covington City Council discussed three incentive programs to help new and growing businesses.

The first two programs had previously passed, with the third coming before the council Monday night – Industrial Growth Rider.

This program would encourage growth by offering new businesses the chance to expand by waiving incremental increases for two years.

“When we talk with new prospects they are opening a plant now, but also have plans to expand,” Mayor Ronnie Johnston said. “(The Industrial Growth Rider) is a strong statement to make.”

Christmas Parade

The Covington City Council unanimously approved the permit for road closure on Dec. 6 for the Lions Club Christmas Parade.