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City approves adult day care center zoning request
The rezoning of 6141 Petty Street to house the city’s first adult day care center is approved after a unanimous vote by the Covington City Council Monday. Following the Zoning Procedures Act, a sign was displayed on the property prior to the rezoning.

The City of Covington will be home to its first adult day care center after a unanimous vote by the Covington City Council to approve the special use permit (SUP) for the building Monday.

Scott Gaither, Covington senior planner, conducted a special public hearing on Peachtree Adult Daycare Center’s rezoning request Monday. The public hearing was specifically to discuss the usage of the 6141 Petty St. property and how it would fit in in the community at that location, and not the user or property owner.

The property is owned by Sabi Varon, of Highland Capital Group, LLC in Atlanta.

Adult Day Care Centers are regulated by the state and the proposed day care center must comply with all state regulations to remain in business, Gaither said. The Newton County Planning Commission approved the SUP by a vote of 3-3 with Chairman Lee Aldridge breaking the tie.

“We’re very much concerned about that area,” Councilmember Hawnethia Williams said. “We know that there needs to be a facelift for that particular area.”

Varon said the location was picked because the building to the left of it has the appropriate zoning for a personal care home.

“We saw the opportunity of having a day care center right next door as a building that would complement the existing facility and basically benefit each other,” he said. “We just think it is going to serve the community well.”

Mayor Ronnie Johnston said he can understand the need for an adult day care center through personal experiences with his mother.

The council, as a group, is working to continue moving forward, Johnston said. He encouraged Varon to take care of the property and even do more if he was able.

“I can assure you that it is going to be state of the art on the inside as well as the outside,” Varon said, adding his company plans on putting at least $100,000 into the building’s renovation.

“Thank y’all for taking a risk and taking a risk in this community, I just really appreciate it,” Johnston said.