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Bloody man found in driveway, women fight over boyfriend
Man claims he deserved beating
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were called to assist EMS after they found an intoxicated man lying in the road and bleeding profusely from the head.

EMS informed deputies that the victim had blood all over his face and the back of his head and that he told them he had fallen on the driveway and hit his face. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was loaded in an ambulance and was being prepared for transport to the hospital.

While waiting to leave, he allegedly told EMS attendants that he had been in a fight and deserved to be beat up. But when deputies asked the victim once again what happened to him, he reportedly told them that he fell down on the driveway while walking.

At this time, deputies say they noticed a truck near the end of the driveway where the victim was located and a man was sitting inside of it. Deputies began speaking with the man and asked if he knew the victim. He allegedly advised them that he did not know the man but that there was a large party happening at a residence nearby and someone many have brought him there.

He continued to speak with deputies and reportedly told them that the victim showed up at this party and began to ask for free (alcoholic) drinks. No one knew who he was, but they allegedly allowed him to stay nonetheless.

The victim quickly became intoxicated, the man allegedly told them, and then began dancing with some of the younger females at the party, reportedly becoming inappropriate with them, so a few of the men at the party asked the victim to leave. The victim ignored their requests, according to reports, and continued to harass the women. After being asked to leave several times, he was physically removed from the home, according to the witness.

Deputies asked the victim if his injuries were a result of a fight at the party and he reportedly told them they were but said that he deserved it and, "It was just a good, old-fashioned redneck a**-whooping." He also reportedly told the deputies that he should have left before it happened and continued to say that he deserved it. He also allegedly told deputies that he did not know who at the party had hit him.

The bloody victim was transported to Newton Medical Center to have his injuries checked out by doctors.

Women fight each other in trailer park

Deputies were called to the parking lot of an area church in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after a fight at the mobile home park on Ga. Highway 142.

According to reports, deputies met with a man who told them that he and some friends were on the way to Peach Blossom Mobile Home Park to check on one of their friend’s children. They reportedly told deputies that when they pulled in front of a trailer, two men "a few trailers down" got off the porch they were sitting on and came toward their vehicle looking angry.

One of the passengers in the vehicle got out in order to let the woman, identified as Crystal Towns, in the middle of the vehicle exit, and as he did so Towns’ boyfriend reportedly tore his shirt off while walking toward the vehicle. He then allegedly yelled at her and said that the previous night he and his friend had intimate knowledge of another woman who was standing outside the vehicle. Towns reportedly went toward that woman and began hitting her.

One of the men inside the truck broke the fight up between the two women and one got back in the vehicle and was driven to a church where authorities were called. Deputies noted there was visible swelling and redness to the woman’s nose and also bloody scratch marks to the left side of her neck. Though she complained of pain, she reportedly declined medical treatment.

Deputies attempted to locate Towns at her modular home but could get no one to the door. A warrant was obtained for her arrest for simple