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AHS students face criminal charges
No one injured in small blast
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 Two students at Alcovy High School have been detained and are facing criminal charges following an incident Tuesday morning in which a plastic bottle full of combustible fluids burst in the commons area.

 According to Newton County Sheriff’s Office 1st Lt. Mark Mitchell, around 8:30 a.m. a plastic bottle, possibly containing cleaning fluids, burst in the commons area of the high school, causing a loud noise that alerted the three school resource officers to the area.

 "Deputies immediately responded to the area and locked it down, treating it as crime scene," said Mitchell.

 No students were injured and there was no immediate danger to people or property, but NCSO investigators converged on the school to sweep the property and check video surveillance to make sure there were no other devices and that everyone was safe at all times.

 "It all went off without a hitch," said Mitchell. "The resource officers were there immediately, as soon as they heard the noise."

 Two male students, whose ages were not available as of press time, but who are classified as juveniles, were identified from video of the area and the crime is being considered intentional.

 "Obviously this is something we take very seriously," said Mitchell. "It may have started out as a prank, but these pranks can quickly become crimes because of the seriousness of the situation. We have to take into account the safety of all students involved and that is our top priority."

 According to a release on the Newton County School System Web site, school system officials deny the school was ever in lockdown and that "a coke bottle that contained a liquid was thrown in the commons area of the school and the bottle cap did blow off."

 Officials from the NCSO are still investigating the incident and charges against the students responsible are pending.