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Covington announces Record Restriction and Resource Day
Record restriction day

COVINGTON, Ga. – For individuals with an arrest on their record, relief may be on the way. Anyone arrested, but not convicted of a crime who had their case heard by the Covington Municipal Court may be eligible to have the record of their arrest restricted.

Formerly known as record “expungement,” record restriction is the act of restricting eligible records on an official criminal history report from public view. They are only accessible to law enforcement for criminal justice purposes.

The creation of Record Restriction and Resource Day was led by Councilman Anthony Henderson who said he is appreciative of the City Council’s support for the event.

“Working collaboratively with the mayor, council, chief of police and court services, we were able to make this day possible and I am thankful for everyone’s efforts,” Henderson said. “One of my biggest goals as a Councilmember is to create opportunities and this event will give individuals without repetitive offenses and individuals who haven’t been indicted, a second chance in life.”

In addition to record restriction, job recruiters will also be present offering those with newly found clean records the opportunity to become gainfully employed.

Those interested in having their record restricted who meet the criteria should visit Clearview Ministries Church, located on Elm Street, on Oct. 25, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The record restriction service is free.

“Growing up, I always wanted to create opportunities for individuals who made mistakes and wanted a second opportunity,” Henderson said. “I am happy to say this Council and Mayor want that as well.”