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Christmas in October
Vampires celebrate Christmas on the square
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Winter creeps into Covington this week, but there's no reason to break out the sweaters just yet.

Well, maybe turtlenecks, as "The Vampire Diaries" have brought a winter wonderland into the Covington square.

The popular CW Network show transformed the highly filmed scenery of the Covington courthouse and business fronts that have been transformed into the Mystic Grill into the setting of a winter party.

Giant candy canes were brought onto the square, along with tables set with flower centerpieces and other party settings. Girls dressed in white dance outfits were also brought onto the set Tuesday evening right before camera crews began filming in the square toward the courthouse clock.

Dozens of fans stood near Square Perk as filming began hoping to watch scenes of "The Vampire Diaries" unfold and catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Among the show's cast filming in the square Tuesday was Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan, according to spectators and stage hands around the set. Wesley plays one of "The Vampire Diaries" principal characters Stefan Salvatore and Morgan plays Klaus.

Wesley's character is central to the show's plot, which centers around a young girl, Elena, torn between two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. "The Vampire Diaries" has been a hit with teen audiences and began filming its fourth season in Covington and the east Atlanta area this summer.

"The Vampires Diaries" fourth season premiered "Growing Pains" Oct. 11 and the second episode "Memorial" will air this Thursday. Around 3.5 million viewers turned into the season premier, according to TV Guide.

A sneak peek of the episode shown on TV Sunday shows Stefan talking to his brother Damon about Elena and Stefan showing her how to hunt for animal blood (Elena was recently turned into a vampire). Damon thinks starting Elena off on animal blood is a bad idea, but Stefan wants to save her from blood lust.

The episode will also dive into what happened to the secret vampire hunting council in town after the members died in a cabin fire.

The TV show has brought a big boost to Covington's tourism trade and there have even been rumors that the pseudo Mystic Grill restaurant facade on the square, a popular filming spot in the show, could soon have a real restaurant behind it.

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