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Child calls police on negligent mother
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A juvenile called the police on her mother and her mother's boyfriend for smoking marijuana and child neglect last Sunday.

The juvenile told Newton County deputies that she had been living at the Covington Lodge with her mother. About two months ago, the mother moved down two rooms to live with her boyfriend. The juvenile alleged that since moving rooms, her mother stopped taking care of her. The juvenile reported that the only contact she had with her mother is when her mother would come to cook her dinner.

The juvenile reported that she went to her mother and boyfriend's room to ask for something to eat. Upon entering the room, the juvenile smelled alcohol and marijuana. When the juvenile flipped on the lights, she told police that her mother was smoking a joint.

At this time, an additional deputy arrived on the scene and the deputies knocked on the door of the mother and boyfriend. The mother stepped outside to talk to the deputies.

The boyfriend then lit a cigarette and began blowing the smoke back into the faces of the deputies. The boyfriend became further agitated and raised his voice, still refusing to give his name unless served with a warrant.

One of the deputies then grabbed the cigarette out of the boyfriend's mouth in order to get to him to stop blowing some on the deputies. The boyfriend responded by trying to grab the cigarette out of the deputy's hand. The boyfriend was then arrested for two counts of obstruction of an officer.

After the arrest of the boyfriend, the deputies talked with the juvenile again. The juvenile stated that she would be willing to go to a foster home and be placed under the care of DFACS.