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Catos robbed at gun point

Two men allegedly robbed Cato’s at gun point and made off cash from the store at 7153 Turner Lake Road Monday.

According to reports, dispatch told Covington Police officers that there were two black males holding up the store, with one wearing a gray pull over and another with a gun.

When officers arrived, they saw a male standing at the front door with a gray pull over and one hand up. It was later determined the male was a juvenile witness. The juvenile let the officers in the building, where CPD saw a female standing behind the counter.

The female told officers the male suspects had left the location.

According to reports, the female witness told another employee to leave the location through the back door, once she felt the store was being robbed.

The employee told CPD that two black males entered the store through the front doors, each carrying a handgun. The witness said one male was wearing khaki pants, a dark color pull over and a bandanna over his mouth and the other a bucket style hat with a bandanna over his mouth.

According to reports the male with the pull over and bandana stood at the counter pointing his gun at her and told her to get up and give him the money. She then got the cash drawer open of one register, and the suspect took the drawer out and set it on the counter to begin taking the money out. She then, reportedly, started to open the drawer on another register. According to reports, “she was extremely terrified and was nervous and had a hard time opening the second cash register.”

She told police that the male then started yelling and cursing at her and began counting down from five. She said she got the register open before he finished counting. The male got the drawer out and began getting money out of it.
The juvenile witness told police that both males then ran out of the front door and jumped in what is believed to be a dark Ford Mustang, leaving out of the parking lot beside Arby’s.

Man steals meat from Kroger

A man filled a shopping cart with meat, entered the bathroom at Kroger, on Hwy. 278, and came out with an empty cart.

The Covington Police Department were called to the grocery store Monday by the store manager, who along with employees witnessed the man take the meat into the bathroom.

According to reports, the man, identified as Gary Locust, walked into the bathroom with the meat in a shopping cart and an empty book bag. An employee, reportedly told CPD that the man exited the bathroom with a full book bag and all the food that was in the cart, was gone.

Locust, who told police that he did not pay for the food because he was hungry and could not buy the food, so he stole the items, was arrested and taken to the Newton County jail.