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Cars broken into at Stone Road softball game
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A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Stone Road Softball Complex in Oxford just before 7 p.m. Sunday after several reports of someone entering vehicles.

While at the scene, a deputy spoke with a woman who said that while she was watching some softball games, someone broke out the front passenger-side window of her Chrysler Pacifica and stole her purse and its contents.

The woman said the purse contained her checkbook, debit card and Social Security card.

Another woman reported that her Ford Expedition had been broken into while she was watching the softball games.

The woman said she came back to find the rear driver-side window of her vehicle broken. Taken were her purse, a Kindle, a phone, an iPod Touch and a prescription Xanax.

While speaking with her, the deputy was told that a man had reported earlier that he observed a suspicious white female with blond hair looking inside of vehicles. She then left in a gray van.

However, the deputy was unable to locate the man to get further information. The deputy reported that it appeared the windows were possibly broken with a softball bat.

Ink theft
A Covington police officer responded to a stolen handgun call Saturday around 3 p.m. at a home on Lott Street.

A man at the residence told an officer that he was giving another man a tattoo of a flaming skull with two aces on the man’s left arm.

Two other men were with the man receiving the tattoo, the officer was told.

The man at the residence said he went into another room to get some paper towels and then noticed the other two men had left the house. He went outside to look for them, but when he did not see where they went, he went back inside and finished the tattoo.

When the tattooed man left the house, the man who applied the tattoo said he noticed his handgun was missing.

It was valued at $184, the report said.

Family ties
A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a battery call Monday morning after a brother and sister reportedly had a scuffle.

The deputy went to a home on Ga. Highway 212 and spoke with a woman who said she and her brother were in an argument and he hit her in the head with a gun. The woman reportedly had a cut on the left side of her head.

The brother told the deputy that his sister had thrown several items at him during the argument. He reportedly

had scratches on his face and a cut on his left hand.

The deputy spoke with several witnesses at the scene who said they did not know what had happened.

According to the report, several items were scattered on the ground in the back yard and no firearm was found.

No arrests were made due to conflicting statements and no witnesses.