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Support Spotlight: Peachtree Academy
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WHAT: Peachtree Academy


WHERE: (Conyers main campus) 1801 Ellington Road; (Conyers West) 1760 Ebenezer Road; (Covington campus) 14101 U.S. Highway 278


PHONE: (770) 860-8900



Peachtree Academy began as an early childhood learning center. The private school has added a grade level each year since its inception 10 years ago; the school is not only adding tenth grade this upcoming school year, but also 11th grade by demand.

"We teach writing, word knowledge and colors at an earlier age," explained Instructional Coordinator Wendy Hughes, of the school's early childhood learning center. "All those things that are essentially taught at kindergarten, we are teaching it in our early learning centers."

Peachtree Academy has three campuses: An early learning center (in Rockdale) that serves up to kindergarten; a main campus (also in Rockdale), serving up to fourth grade; the Covington campus will be serving up to 11th grade. As of June, the school has enrolled approximately 247 students, with those numbers increasing by the day.

Each teacher is state certified which, according to Hughes, is rare in private schools. The school is also accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, allowing students' graduation and scholarships to carry over to any public institution.

"Our teachers are phenomenal," said Hughes. "They are committed to the children and go above and beyond for them."

The school also offers technology typically unavailable in private schools, said Hughes. Classrooms utilize cutting-edge technology like Smart Boards, interactive touch-screen whiteboards that allow students to manipulate content, such as dissection in science class.

The school is consistently active within the community, organizing food drives and community service throughout the year. The girth of its charities can be characterized by its two main events: Give Thanks Day, where students write thank-you letters to troops, churches and hospitals; and Panther Day, a campus-wide involvement with community service. Last year, fourth grade students helped cleaned the old Civil War cemeteries in Newton and Rockdale. The fifth graders planted a garden and donated all of its produce to local food pantries.

According to Hughes, the school is currently busy integrating new additions for the upcoming year. They are planning to bring in a neuroscience "brain-building" technique to aid students in reading and language processing. A large courtyard is to be developed at the Covington location, along with plans to renovate its gymnasium. They will also partner with Georgia Perimeter College and its dual enrollment program.

Peachtree Academy is currently accepting applications for open enrollment for the 2011-2012 school year. The school hosts open house on Wednesdays at the Conyers campus and Thursdays at the Covington campus. Personal appointments are also welcome.

"There's a focus here, and that's allowing our students to be competitive in the real world," said Hughes. "We're here to challenge our students and to provide them a safe haven, to give physical and emotional safety, so they will comfortable in this setting and that will allow them to take up that challenge."