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Last cash mob of the summer
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The U.S. Small Business Network is hosting one final cash mob in Covington at Van Go's Studio from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday.

"I hope you're not mob weary, but I promise this one will be worth it," Marlon Brammer posted on the Facebook page of the Small Business Friday group. "Van Go is tucked away off the square and really does not get much attention. They are in desperate need of some exposure. If there ever was a need for a cash mob, this one would be it."

Brammer is a resident of Newton County and a fellow small business owner, and he led the cash mob effort locally to show residents there are quality stores in Newton.

A cash mob, is based off the flash mob idea, and involves groups of neighbors organizing together and targeting a specific small business to create a cash infusion, Brammer said previously.

The business owner is then encouraged to support a local charity in turn.

The final cash mob will be the fourth one that's been held in Covington, with the other three being held at Noring Farms on Floyd, Rudyboos and Franks Restaurant. Brammer said turnout varied per event, but there were around 40 or more residents who showed up to both Noring Farms and Rudyboos.

Brammer said they didn't track how much money was spent at the stores, but he said some business likely saw a 50 percent increase in sales.

Some customers, who didn't previously know the business existed, went back again after the cash mob, Brammer said. He said he's willing to keep the phenomenon going next year.

"As long as there is a need and we have continued community support, we would be happy to coordinate cash mobs in Newton County next year. It has been a fun summer and we only desire to see a vibrant community in Newton County," he said.

As for Van Go's, Brammer hopes residents will stop by to purchase art, jewelry, aromatherapy, purses, coffee mugs, coasters, handmade cards and small statues, among other items.