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Kwik Change Lube & Service: A pillar of the Covington community

COVINGTON, Ga. - Kwik Change Lube & Service has been a fixture in the Covington community since 2009 when the business opened as a second auto shop in Covington.

“We started the company in January 2009. We are small business owners. We wanted to branch out, so we opened a second auto shop here,” President Jared Rutberg said.

Rutberg and his wife, Jennifer Rutberg, own the business, Kwik Change Lube & Service together. On the team, Alec Lumpkin serves as general manager for the two Kwik auto shops and Aaron Stephenson is the shop manager for the Covington location. Kwik Change Lube & Service provides a range of automobile services, primarily oil change and lube services. What makes the auto shop unique compared to other auto shops is the drive-in option for service.

“We offer quick lube and oil changes. We have drive-in service where you can pull in and stay in your car as it’s being serviced,” Rutberg said. “Customers save time and money. In many ways, it’s different than the standard garage.”

In addition to its oil change and lube services, Kwik Change Lube & Service offers regular maintenance services, mechanic work and tires for sale. Customers must make appointments for mechanic work and tire sales. Due to quality service, Kwik Change Lube & Service has become popular and well-known in the Covington community.

“Our customer base has grown. We think it is contributed to our commitment to customer service, quality parts and a professional environment,” Rutberg said. “People have complimented our business for a friendly and professional staff.”

Kwik Change Lube & Service also participates in community service and fundraising events, extending their positive impact as a part of their mission.

“We do a lot of work in the community. We support local schools and are partners with Newton County Schools. We participate in fundraisers for local school teams and are involved in Newton Career Academy. We also have discounts for military service people, police and teachers,” Rutberg said.

In winning the small business of the month award, the auto shop has another honor to add in a line of community awards they are proud of.

“We have won a number of awards each year. Some of these awards have been for quick lube service and automotive service,” Rutberg said.

Kwik Change Lube & Service is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Come drive in and get serviced today.