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Grocery store goes out of business
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The Save A Lot grocery store located at the corner of Alcovy Road and U.S. Highway 278 in Covington closed its doors recently after a nearly two-year in business.

Given widespread competition, the store location was not able to perform as anticipated, according to a company spokeswoman. The closing once again leaves the 18,500 square-foot location in the Covington Corners shopping center closed.

"There is a lot of time invested. We never open a store and anticipate to close it. These decisions are not done haphazardly," said spokeswoman Chon Tomlin. "People vote with their wallet. It depends on the community. Whenever a company makes a decision, they look at a lot of things across the board."

According to a previous article in The Covington News, Save A Lot believe it could succeed by selling its own brands at more competitive prices than traditional grocery stores. The Covington opening was a part of a five-year plan to add to the company's number of domestic stores to 2,400.

"Absolutely two years is enough time to be successful and a core group of customers come in a limited range," Tomlin said. "Two years gives it enough time. Investors' intentions are never to close a store. It all comes down to a business decision.

"It's about us being able to provide the service and it really depends on the community. As we look at community and locations, we are then able to build towards or redevelop. I'm not sure if another location will come," she said when asked if the chain would consider another location in Covington in the future.