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Dairy Queen to get makeover
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When the Dairy Queen opened on Jan. 2, 1965, it was one of the only restaurants in town. Today, it surrounded other fast food joints, grocery stores and businesses.

In the coming weeks, the Dairy Queen will be undergoing a renovation. The hope is to make transform the old fast food joint into more of a sit-down restaurant.

Ali Mohlal said that the renovation will be quite extensive, changing both the exterior and the interior.

"We're throwing everything out," Mohlal said.

There will be new floors, walls and furniture.

The Dairy Queen has been renovated before and had to be partially rebuilt in 1992 after the building caught fire. The last renovation was in 2000 when the dining area was spruced up.

Construction has already begun on the building. The dining area will be closed on Tuesday, but the drive-thru will remain open.