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Bullet hole found in Magnolia Heights apartment
CPD were called to Magnolia Heights Circle when someone heard a gunshot

Covington Police officers were called to Magnolia Heights Circle after someone heard a gunshot, and a hole was found in the wall of her apartment and couch Wednesday.

After the officer met with the complainant he went next door and met with three people who came out of the apartment. According to reports the three people said they were asleep when the alleged incident happened, no one heard the gun shot and there was no one else inside the apartment.

The officer then, knowing the gun shot came from this apartment, cleared the apartment to make sure no one was hurt inside, according to reports. While clearing the apartment, the officer saw a female lying on the bed in the front bedroom. After she stepped outside, officers continued clearing the apartment and noticed a hole in the wall in the living room where a bullet went through to the other apartment.

An officer then saw that there was a closet that was locked, located the key and came back to open the door. Two mason jars with marijuana in them were found inside the closet.

According to reports, the officers identified the renter on the lease and asked the owner of the apartments to search the apartment. She, reportedly, refused consent, and another officer left to go write up a search warrant.

An investigator was called on the scene and the case was handed over to CID and the narcotics unit.