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BREAKING: Covington councilwoman asking why Housing Authority funded renderings
John Adams
Alpharetta-based developer John Adams listens Tuesday night as a Covington resident presents a question about his proposed renovation plan for Conyers Street Gym and Baker Field, located on Conyers Street between Elm and Davis. - photo by Taylor Beck

COVINGTON, Ga. — City Councilwoman Susie Keck is questioning "a previously unknown scheme" involving the Covington Housing Authority (CHA) paying for renderings of a historic gym's renovation and new construction atop an old baseball field.  

Keck said she has discovered the mayor, city council and city manager were unaware that the Housing Authority had funded the renderings for a Conyers Street gym renovation and the construction of an additional building for multi-family housing and retail on Baker Field.  The price tag for those renderings is said to be approximately $75,000.

Keck said that as the mayor, city manager and other council members were made aware of those discussions, the reaction was decidedly angry that they were kept in the dark.  

“This in no way reflects the transparency to which this council has committed itself in the handling of the public’s business,” said Keck.

She said an internal investigation will be done to find out who knew the Housing Authority paid for the renderings, Keck said.  

"Why and what was their plan?" Keck said. “There will be a reckoning.”

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