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Boy says visit led to beating
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A 43-year-old Covington woman is accused of beating her son severely Thursday, because he went to visit his grandmother.

The 12-year-old boy’s father went to the home to check on his son after not being able to get in touch with the boy, according to reports. When he arrived, he reportedly found the child home alone and "bruised with a belt that his mother hit him with several times." He called 911 due to the severity of the injuries to his son.

When the boy spoke with Covington Police officers, he allegedly told them that his mother, Chastity Michelle Shepherd, told him he was not allowed to go to his grandmother’s house.

After telling him not to visit his grandmother, he told officers, his mother went to sleep and left him in the care of his uncle.

The boy’s uncle needed to leave to pay an employee, so he took the boy with him. When the uncle was finished, he took the child with him to the boy’s grandmother’s home, which is where the uncle sleeps.

When the child’s mother woke up and found out that he was at his grandmother’s house, he reportedly told the grandmother that he was in trouble and "would get a whoopin’ when he got home."

After the child arrived home, he went into the bathroom. Shepherd reportedly came into the bathroom holding two belts in one hand, and "began to whip him with the belts."

The boy allegedly told officers that he attempted to get away because the buckle was hitting him, so he ran out of the bathroom, but his mother followed him, swinging the belts.

He reportedly told officers that he ran back into the bathroom and locked the door, but his mother got a knife and pried the door open.  When she got inside the bathroom, she reportedly threw the knife down, grabbed the belts, and continued to beat him with them.

According to reports, the boy ran into his room "where she punched him over the left eye, knocking him onto the bed." She then left to go tovisit someone at the hospital, taking the phone with her.

Officers are currently investigating the accusations made against Shepherd by her son. The boy was taken to the police department, where his injuries were photographed.